Mental Health Services at QEHC
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Quality mental health care, accessible to all 

The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex believes that top quality mental health services provided by qualified mental health professionals should be accessible to all. As a not-for-profit health complex, we are able to provide a space where mental health professionals can run their private practices at affordable rates.

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Montreal therapy and therapist services

Therapists are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings. We are home to a range of professionals providing therapy services including individual talk therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. These practitioners use a range of therapeutic techniques to help you achieve your goals. These techniques include cognitive-behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based therapy, as well as a variety of designed to support and complement more traditional Western practices. 


Mental health services offered at the QEHC

We are home to a variety of mental health professionals including psychiatrists, certified psychotherapists, marriage and family counsellors, therapists, social workers, and registered psychologists. Our providers are equipped to treat a wide variety of mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD, among others. 

Some of the therapies provided in our space include cognitive-behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, and mindfulness-based therapy. 

Government funded psychiatry care in the heart of Montreal 

If you require a diagnosis or medication management for specific mental health conditions, the psychiatrists who practice at QEHC are experienced and equipped to identify and treat any and all mental health conditions, diseases, and disorders. 

Unlike other mental health care services, psychiatric services are covered by RAMQ and therefore an accessible avenue to managing your mental health. 

We highly recommend seeking counselling and/or therapy in conjunction with medical treatment in order to treat the mental health concern holistically and in more impactful ways.

Take the first step to managing your mental health

To find an expert who can guide you in getting started on your journey to better health please find the practitioner contact information below.  Hours of availability are determined by the professionals themselves – please contact your specific doctor or health professional for details.

Mental Health Services at QEHC

Mental health providers at the QEHC

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