Your not-for-profit, community-led health complex in Montreal

The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex is a not-for-profit health complex focused on providing comprehensive quality care to the city of Montreal.

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We work together with our QEHC partners to provide the widest possible variety of health-care services conveniently accessible all in one place.

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Imaging & Radiology at QEHC

Imaging & Radiology

With top-quality equipment and experienced specialists, our medical imaging clinic is equipped to offer a range of screening and diagnostic services to suit your needs. 
Medical Care Services at QEHC

Medical Care

Located in the heart of Montreal, our medical care providers are some of the most comprehensive and high quality health-care complexes in the city.
From family medicine to a team of specialists, we offer the convenience of accessing as many health care needs as possible all under one roof. Because most of our clinical services are covered by RAMQ, we are also one of the most accessible health care complexes in Montreal. 
Mental Health Services at QEHC

Mental Health Care

Providing accessible, quality mental health care is a key pillar of the QEHC’s mission.
We bring together skilled practitioners and mental health professionals who specialize in a variety of therapies and are dedicated to offering compassionate care no matter what your needs or concerns. 
Alternative Therapy Services at QEHC

Alternative Therapy

QEHC is pleased to offer our patients a complete approach to their health care needs.
Our unique model combines traditional medicine with alternative therapies and is home to a number of specialists who offer a range of therapies and services which take a more holistic approach to health care. 

We are proud to partner with leading medical providers, organizations, and community members to provide exceptional care and services.