QEHC Code of Ethics

The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex was created by a group of Queen Elizabeth Hospital board members and other volunteers in response to the closing of the original Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 1996. Today, this not-for-profit center offers a multitude of traditional and non-traditional ambulatory health services to the community. In addition to offering quality diagnostic services as well as primary and specialized medical care, we are committed to caring for patients with the utmost respect.

This Code of Ethics reiterates the commitment of our Staff (employees, health professionals, students and volunteers) to act respectfully in carrying out their duties. Similarly, we expect our patients to treat our employees with the same respect.


Patients and Staff must be treated with respect and courtesy and must never be subjected to any form of discrimination in terms of ethnic origin, sex, age, socio-economic background, sexual orientation or religion.

Code of Ethics

Services must take into account individual preferences and the recognition of our patients’ human rights.

All of our actions must be guided by respect for the individuality of patients. Empathy and compassion should always be demonstrated in all interactions.


All patient information must be kept strictly confidential at all times and the patient’s consent must be obtained before speaking with family member or relatives.

Staff must at all times exercise discretion and abstain from any comments except when they are required for providing care and services.

Patient Care

Our professionals meet the highest standards of competence and perform their duties in accordance with their professional corporation’s code of ethics.

Our professionals are accountable for the services they provide and are committed to providing all persons with access to quality care.

Patient Consent

Patients must give their consent for care, tests, treatments or interventions of any kind.

All patients have the right to refuse care, tests or treatments.

Information should always be given in a way that is easily understood so that patients can have their wishes respected.


Staff must always identify themselves to the patient and nametags are to be visible at all times.

Staff is committed to communicating clearly to patients all relevant information regarding the care they require or tests needed.

Patients have the right to know the reasons for the care or services they receive.

We must take the time to explain and answer questions as fully as possible in a tranquil environment.

Safety and Comfort

We strive to prevent physical and psychological abuse as well as incidents and accidents.

All forms of violence, aggressive behaviour, threats etc. will not be tolerated from staff or patients at any time.

We strive to keep the premises clean and orderly in order to minimize the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.