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Welcome to the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex

Vision and Mission

Vision: That Montrealers, who need out-patient care, receive timely and effective services at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, a centre that strives for excellence.

Mission: The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex is a not-for-profit community led organization which works in partnership with others to promote and preserve the health and well-being of all members of the community.

Our Philosophy: The philosophy of the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex is to serve the community by integrating all aspects of healthcare, both public and private, traditional and non-traditional, preventive and curative. This blended approach seeks to address some of the gaps in and weaknesses of the current healthcare system.



Rapport marketing Report

Résultats de rapport de recherche en marketing:

Le CSRE a récemment embauché une étudiante en marketing du John Molson School of Business pour préparer un rapport de recherche en marketing . L'étudiante a passé en entrevue plus de 1 000 clients dans nos trois principales salles d'attente afin de se renseigner sur leur niveau de sensibilisation aux services offerts, la satisfaction des patients, de quels quartiers proviennent nos clients, de l'âge, et comment ils ont entendu pa...


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