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Mental and Emotional Health

The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex is a source of quality mental health services provided by a qualified group of mental health professionals.

As of June 21st 2012, psychotherapy may only be practiced by psychologists, medical doctors or psychotherapists. Other forms of counseling are also available at the QEHC. For more information, please consult the website of the Order of Psychologists


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for individuals and couples


  • Psychologist.
  • Have training and extensive experience with children, adolescents, and adults who are dealing with: anxiety (e.g., panic attacks, bulimina, phobias such as flying, obessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder); depression; low self-esteem; relationship problems; stress; and anger.
  • Member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.


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Dr. Cameli is the director of the Emotional Health CBT Clinic, which offers cognitive behavior therapy services. For more information, please visit: www.cbtclinic.ca.

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I am a clinical psychologist who has practiced for over 25 years. I use an eclectic approach (I use a wide variety of techniques, mixing and matching to the individual client) and I am directive (I give advice, suggestions and homework). I work with kids, teens and adults; I see individuals, couples and families.

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Mr. Kevin Duckworth is a clinical psychologist in private practice and Head Psychologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Cote St.-Luc. His main approach is Cognitive-Behaviour therapy in which he has extensive training. With this approach, therapist and client form a team and collaborate to help the client work on his or her problems and reach his or her goals. Mr. Duckworth is trained and experienced working with anxiety and stress related disorders, depression, chronic illness, anger, post-traumatic stress, and helping people change habits like quitting smoking. He works with all adults from older adolescents to elderly people. He also facilitates groups. Kevin Duckworth accepts clients by appointment only. Psychologists in private practice are not covered by Quebec medical insurance and therefore charge a fee for services. He may offer a sliding fee scale in certain situations depending on a client’s current financial situation.

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Clinical Psychologist: Individual, couple and family therapy for adolescents and adults. Eclectic orientation tailored to the needs of clients. Focus on anxiety, mood and personality disorders; couple conflicts; sexual abuse; addiction; trauma; life adjustments.
OPQ certification; 30 years experience.

Divorce Mediator: Non-confrontational resolution of matters arising out of the termination of marriage or co- habitation: child custody and visitation; child and spousal support; division of patrimony and assets. Six sessions paid by the government if there are children involved.

Psychometric Testing and Assessment: For cognitive function: academic achievement; learning disabilities; mental disability; ADD/ADHD; Aspergers. For psychological concerns: mood; personality; aptitude; pervasive development; adaptive capacities; behavior disorders. Derogations for children seeking exceptions to school enrollment deadlines.

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Office Hours: By appointment
- member of the Order of Psychologists
- perfectly bilingual in English and in French. I can detect the subtle nuances in both languages thus am better able to "get the feel of what's going on".
- Experience in psycho-legal problematic.
- Professor of philosophy and ethics at the secondary and university levels.
- Receive individuals, couples and families.
- Of Jungian inspiration, I am interested in helping individuals become aware of, and understand more vividly how the unconscious influences their emotional as well as their decision-making processes thus affecting themselves and their loved ones.
- Help parents better understand their children's difficulties: familial, social and/or academic.
- Accompany those who are seeking meaning and who are paralyzed by anxiety and/or stress or various phobias.
- Assist in career orientation or reorientation.
- Academic counselling for students and adults.
- Assist those experiencing work related problems such as employer - employee conflicts as well as peer employee conflicts in the workplace.
- Help those suffering from irrational fears, guilt, shame, poor self-esteem and those who no longer believe in themselves.
- Help those who have decided to be happy and enjoy life.

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 Licensed Phychologist for Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

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  • Psychoanalyst for adults/ French and English
  • Member of the Society of psychoanalytic of Canada.
  • Membre de la société des psychoanalitique du Québec

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Adèle Keyes-Lessard has been working as a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice since 1989. She is also on staff at the Mount Sinai Hospital Center where she provides support and grief counselling to patients and their families in the Palliative Care Unit. Member OPQ-CRHSPP.

Professional services:

  • consultation, crisis intervention, psychological assessment and individual psychotherapy
  • approach and interventions adapted to each individual's needs
  • services are offered in English or French and fees are income tax deductible and covered by most private and group insurance plans

Areas of work include:

  • stress management
  • depression and anxiety
  • chronic illness and cancer
  • losses and grief
  • interpersonal difficulties
  • aging
  • adjustment problems
  • workplace issues

Child Psychology

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Office Hours: By appointment

Professional Services:

Consultation, crisis intervention, individual, couple and family therapy, working with adolescents and psycho-educational assessments. Approved for clients on CSST or IVAC.

Fees are covered by most health insurance plans and are income tax deductible. A sliding scale fee is available.

A member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec. (OPQ)

Areas of work

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress management, burnout and workplace issues
  • Traumatic incident stress
  • Coping with illness
  • Grief and loss
  • Interpersonal difficulties, relationship and communication problems
  • Parent-child conflicts
  • Adolescent issues, self harming behaviours
  • Adjustment to new life situations.

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I am a psychologist and a psychoanalyst with over 25 years of experience. I work with individuals, couples and families.

My approach is to help the client explore their current difficulties and symptoms in the light of their present day situation and their formative year. I believe the childhood experiences are registered in the unconscious mind and are carried forward in the form of emotional and bodily memory. This emotional and bodily memory is an unconscious force, which can have powerful effects on the client’s behaviour and relationships, if it not well understood. My aim in therapy is to help the client discover and understand their unconscious mind. The client will then have conscious choices, to feel, think and act differently than their previous automatic ways of being and suffering.

Similarly, with couples and families, I try to help them to untangle dysfunctional patterns of relating. I work with couples and families to help them understand how they got to their present situation and how to develop new approaches of relating. If you think that you might like to work with me, please give me a call. I would be happy to let you know whether I could be of help.

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I am a psychologist, member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. I have a masters’ degree and a doctorate in Psychology. I offer individual psychotherapy to help people deal with depression, anxiety, stress, work-related problems and relationship difficulties. My services are offered in English, French and Italian.

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Eliane Rivard ,is a licensed psychologist and OPQ member with over 35 years of clinical experience in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with adults. Her approach also integrates  the more recent “third wave” developments  of Mindfulness, and  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). In a supportive and corroborative relationship with her clients, she helps those struggling with  anxiety disorder (panic attacks, agoraphobia, plane phobia, generalized anxiety, social phobia, OCD) as well as those  suffering  from depression (unipolar or bipolar) to live fuller, less restricted lives. Other issues may include work and relationship stress, personal loss, and professional “burnout”  Receipts are provided upon request.

I am a practicing clinical psychologist with specialized training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and over 21 years of experience.  I offer individual psychotherapy with adults and adolescents helping with issues related to depression, anxiety, personal, work and health related stress, relationship difficulties, grief and post-trauma.  I view emotional difficulties and problems of adjustment more as a signal of the need to address and explore unresolved issues and internal conflicts which interfere with personal development and relationships with others.  Changes in the way one thinks, feels and relates to others takes place through working collaboratively at arriving at a better understanding and greater self- awareness.   I can be reached at    514-271-0720 or at sheila.segal.psych@bell.net.

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I am  a licensed psychologist (L'Ordre des psychologues du Québec) in private practice for fourteen years.  I work with individuals, couples and families.  I use a holistic and collaborative approach to meet the needs of my clients.  I have worked with a variety of populations specializing in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), addictions, dual diagnosis.  I offer assessments and psychotherapy both short and long term.  I have a particular interest in engaging men in the process of psychotherapy.  

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For the treatment of young children with Autism

Professionnal Membership:

  • Quebec Order of Psychologist
  • Quebec Order of Social Worker
  • Quebec Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Areas of expertise:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Stress, burnout, workplace issues
  • Communication problems
  • Anger management
  • Relationship problems, marriage counseling


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Office Hours: By appointment

Psychoanalytical psychotherapist and Certified Canadian counsellor
In private practice and in the public sector:
Consultant and clinical psychotherapist at the Mc Gill Mental Health Center of Mc Gill University as well as
Coordinator of the SG of the Mc Gill Mental Health Eating Disorder Unit

Populations: Adults and young adults; couples and families with regards to the treatment of a member suffering from an eating disorder.
Problems: Multiple: Affective disorders (depression, low self-esteem), anxiety, obsessionnal and psychosomatic disorders, identity problems and difficulties in relating. Specialized in eating disorders.
Approaches: Psychoanalytic, humanistic and psychosomatic (ECHO)

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Office Hours: By appointment

Psychotherapist, Art Therapist.

Population: children, adolescents, adults.

Member of: APPQ (Association of Psychoanalytic Psychoterapists of Quebec)
SQPP (Quebec Society of Professionnal Psychotherapists)
AATQ (Quebec Art Therapy Association)

Certification: ATR (Art Therapist Registrated) from the Art Therapy Credential Board, U.S.A

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Office Hours: By appointment

I have a general practice in which I work with individuals, couples, children, and families. My work involves dealing with issues such as depression and anxiety; relationships (intimacy, interpersonal, workplace); divorce; self-esteem; performance and achievement; trauma; grief and loss; aging; conflicts and challenges with children; and many other issues.

In addiction, I have extensive experience with twelve-step programs; addiction and dependency recovery; and emotional, eating, and sexual disorders.

I have been in private practice for many years. I completed six years of postgraduate training in Marital and Family Therapy, and in Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Argyle Institute of Human Relations of which I am an active associate.

While bringing a fresh, empathic, and creative attitude to helping individuals define and reach their goals, I carefully adjust my approach to meet their particular needs.

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Office Hours: By appointment

I work with individuals, couples and families experiencing a wide range of difficulties, including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relational problems, stress management, and grief. I create a warm, confidential space where people can feel safe to explore their struggles, discover their strengths and ultimately find more satisfying ways of living.


I have also worked as a music therapist in Palliative Care at the McGill University Health Centre since 1984, and have extensive experience with loss, bereavement and adjustment to illness. My therapeutic approach is steeped in compassion and creativity.


My orientation is primarily psychodynamic, but I also integrate a systemic approach and cognitive strategies where helpful. I believe that we can gain freedom to make healthier life choices by becoming conscious of old patterns that no longer work for us, and by actively working through the feelings and beliefs associated with them. I truly believe in our capacity to grow and change.


My post-graduate training is in Individual Psychotherapy (Argyle Institute; Jewish General Hospital’s Institute for Community and Family Psychiatry); and in Marriage and Family Therapy (Argyle Institute).


Many private insurance companies cover my services as a Psychotherapist (permit from the OPQ), and as a Marriage and Family Therapist (member of the OTSTCFQ).


Please feel free to call for an appointment or more information.

Psychotherapy / Coaching. Do you need help to understand and control of the stresses, emotions and issues of your life? Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant From the Canadian Institute of Stress and the Hans Selye Foundation

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Office Hours: By appointment

Expressive Psychotherapy is an exciting and unique approach to helping individuals which combines the transformative power of the arts with psychodynamic verbal therapy.
Why use the arts in therapy? Often times, words just scratch the surface in therapy, leaving us wondering what deeper feelings, images, memories or patterns may be motivating our behavior, thoughts or feelings. The power of the arts in therapy lie in their ability to express and reveal these often more authentic levels of the self that go to the heart or core of an issue if allowed expression.


Music Psychotherapy focuses on music as the primary expressive tool in conjunction with psychodynamic verbal therapy. Because words can take us only so far, music is utilized in a way similar to dream work, to reveal aspects of the self that otherwise would remain hidden, or to clarify issues or feelings that may be confusing. It can open up areas of the self not previously accessible, and move the process of therapy forward through creative expression that can be profoundly moving emotionally. Music can also bring fun and joy into the process of therapy! No prior experience with music is necessary to benefit from this approach, which can include music listening, improvisation on a wide variety of instruments, imaging to music, singing, sounding, toning and song-writing.


Sound Therapy is an approach that focuses on the use of toning, sounding and singing as a form of energy work to release physical and emotional blocks or trauma, to enhance energy and the immune system, to address imbalances in the body, to enhance one's spirituality and capacity to experience peace, joy and other positive emotions of well-being.

Shelley Snow holds a Master's Degree in Music Therapy from New York University and is Certified by the American Association for Music Therapy. She received post-graduate training in psychotherapy from the Institute for Expressive Analysis in New York City, and trained at the Bonny Institute for Music and Imagery in guided imagery and music. She is a consultant and researcher for the Center for the Arts in Human Development at Concordia University and has been a practicing clinician for 16 years.

Counselors, social workers, coaches and others

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By appointment

Individual, couple and families therapists. Specialization in loss and bereavement

The Grief Center provides a safe, confidential, non-judgmental place for families experiencing the life-threatening illness or death of a family member. Assessment and clinical follow-up is given to families coping with a terminal illness or death related to illness, trauma (accidental, sudden), or violence (suicide, homicide).

The Grief Center provides a family with the opportunity to grieve together and separately in two adjoining rooms. Yvonne Clark is a licensed social worker, family therapist and certified grief counsellor who helps adults understand the grieving process as well as children's grief.

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Office Hours: By appointment

Art Therapy is a creative way to help both children and adults. Feelings and thoughts are expressed, understood and worked through using art materials. The therapist facilitates the art process and no artistic talent is required.

Sally Cooke is an Art Therapist who has been working at the The Montreal Children's Hospital since 1997. She also teaches at Concordia University.



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Office Hours: By appointment
Individual / Couple / Family Therapy

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Office Hours: By appointment


Office Hours: By appointment

Psychotherapist/Addiction counselor specializing in all impulse control behaviors: food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shoplifting, co-dependency, couple and inter-related family issues.

Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICADC)
Certified Canadian Counselor (CCC)
Certified Gambling Counselor (CGC)

She is the co-coordinator for eating disorders at Addington Treatment Centre and her private practice is at the complex. Receipts provided. Flexible Appointments.

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Office Hours: By appointment

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Office Hours: By appointment

Gayle McLachlan, a social worker for many years at the Allan Memorial institute, has a great deal of experience in assisting people to achieve a maximum level of well being.  Crisis intervention, clinical depression/or anxiety-all fall under the purview of her skill set.  The scope of her practice is Comprehensive, including:

A three year Post-Masters certificate from Argyle Institute of Human Relations (2001)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy seminars at MUHC (2005)

Advocate for the mentally ill.  Numerous presentations, public lectures geared toward de-mystifying the problems and the feelings associated.  She assists individuals and their families with the skills necessary to achieve stability and an improved quality of life.

Telephone consultations on request.

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Office Hours: By appointment

Jacqueline King is a Life-Coach specializing in adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). Some examples of the work she does as a Life Coach are, assisting clients to set goals and focus priorities, develop time management skills and manage energy and moods. Her ultimate goal is to empower clients with new skills and techniques that allow them to become self-sufficient. Emails and quick telephone calls are part of the service, so that clients feel supported between the weekly coaching sessions

Ms. King has worked in health care for 16 years. She is a trained nurse from Keele University, England; she holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology (Honours) from Open University, London, Jacqueline obtained 3-year training with Coach U.

Clinics and Centres

At DM, we believe that every now and then we all need an opportunity to reflect, recharge and rethink our next move. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone you can trust. DM provides services in 4 main areas:

1. Therapy for individuals, couples, and families, including play therapy for young children.
2. Parenting groups for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens, including:

  • Incredible Years - for parents of young children
  • Parenting Today's Youth - for parents of elementary and pre-adolescent youth
  • Parenting with Love & Limits - for teens and their parents

3. Groups in the community to strengthen children's and adolescents' abilities to solve problems:

  • Social skills
  • Anger management
  • Bullying
  • Female aggression

4. Professional Development: to adults who nurture and guide young people, both in schools and in the community

***Free 15 minute telephone consultation*****

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Office Hours: By appointment

The Emotional Health CBT Clinic provides treatment for a variety of disorders, including depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and other stress related disorders. It is the largest Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Clinic in Montreal, with a team of 15 skilled cognitive-behavior therapists. We offer services in English and French to adults and children alike, with daytime and evening appointments available. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a symptom focused, time-limited treatment. Work health insurance may cover all or part of the treatment costs. For more information visit: www.cbtclinic.ca.

Fax: 514-369-2618

The Montreal Autism Centre specializes in the assessment and treatment of young children with Autism with priority to children under 42 months of age. A thorough developmental psychological assessment is offered including unique Information Processing Procedures that provide a less biased assessment of mental ability than conventional tests of intelligence. Effective parent-implemented developmental-behavioural therapy is supervised bi-weekly typically over an 18- to 24-month period. The therapy is designed to stimulate development in multiple domains using applied behaviour analysis procedures.

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Office Hours: By appointment
Sometimes we all need support, particularly when we are feeling depressed, anxious or confused about our current life situation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy concentrates on what can be done about these problems TODAY. It is an active directive treatment approach that teaches the skills necessary to cope with problems.
This type of therapy works in a short time (15-20 sessions on average) with clients learning the strategies needed to cope with the difficulties they face.
The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression’s goals are to create a warm and supportive environment so that together, we can explore your concerns and discover what blocks exist which limit your full potential. Combing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and an Eclectic approach, we can focus on these challenges to find new and healthy ways of coping.
The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression has the mission to create a warm, open, respectful and safe setting in which clients can learn, grow, and overcome the difficulties they face.
We take an eclectic approach to client wellness and respect the client's work life, family traditions and sexual orientation - as well as cultural & spiritual beliefs.
We specialize in individual therapy for adults, families and children with conveniently located offices in Montreal and The West Island. Insurance receipts are provided.
Areas where you will find assistance include:
http://www.helpforanxietydepression.com/images/spacer.gif- Anxiety
-Relationship Issues
-Stress Management
· Self Development & Growth
· Body Image Issues
· · Negative Thinking
· Relationships, Life Transitions, Personal Loss
· Career Challenges
· Codependency
· Social Anxiety
· Eating Disorders
· Panic Attacks
· Improving Emotional Intelligence
and more…
Sandra Reich M.Ed. CCC
Clinical Director
Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression

At the Montreal Therapy Centre, we believe difficult life situations provide a unique opportunity for personal growth. We view therapy as an experience through which you can develop life long skills that can keep you focused on achieving your goals. Our aim is to help you deal with your current difficulties in a timely fashion. Whether you have an individual, couple, family, or work-related issue that you want to address, our team of trained professional counsellors have the skills necessary to assist you.

The Montreal Therapy Centre offers professional and confidential counselling services for individuals, couples, and families. We also provide Art Therapy services for children and adolescents.
The Montreal Therapy Centre offers both daytime and evening appointments. Insurance receipts are provided.