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Alternative Therapy

Treatment of Disorders including: Chronic or acute pain Migraine Allergies Stress Menopause Facial Acupuncture Accept insurances, CSST, SAAQ, Blue Cross

Sylvie graduated from Guijek (2004-2006) with a certificate in Swedish therapeutic massage as well as reflexology,  pre-natal and post-natal massage and chair massage.  She has studied with Andrea Axt cranio-sacral technique completing level 1-6 (2006-2008), with Alex Lewis fascia therapy level 1 at Kine Concept (2008), Yoga Thai massage level 1 at Lotus Palm (2009) and Deep Tissue level 1 with Daniel Poirier (2015).  Sylvie is a member of F.Q.M. since 2004.

Practicing yoga for over 15 years  in 2012 Sylvie completed her Teacher Training Course in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga with Sylvie Tremblay of Yoga Sangha.  She is certified in Adapted Yoga  with Carole Morency of Yoga Tout (2012), Yin Yoga with Melanie Richards of Happy Tree Yoga (2014), Restorative Yoga with Hervé Blondon of Satyam Yoga (2015).  Registered for a TTC with Hart Lazer in September 2016 until June 2017.  Sylvie is a member of the International Federation of Yoga.

Massage or Yoga sessions with Sylvie are personalized and tailored according to the individual`s need.  She is a firm believer in the capacity of self-healing and her utmost desire is to bring awareness and insight in seeking wellness and wellbeing with a holistic approach...Namaste. 


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Chinese Naturopathy and Tuina

Shadia Habib is a Natural Health Consultant and Instructor specializing in BioEnergetics.

She is a Certified Master of Medical Qi Gong, Naturopath, Homeopath, CranioSacral Therapist, Chinese Naturopathy, Tui Na and Acupressure, Reiki Master and Traditional Chinese Martial & Internal Arts Instructor. 


The body has the innate intelligence to heal itself. When the natural forces and energetics of the system are in disharmony and weakened due to various factors, the body’s regular functioning is compromised leading to disease. 


Reversing disease requires a global approach. First we must understand the origins of the disease, and the original trigger to the issue and then address all factors contributing to a lowered vitality. This includes maintaining factors, the energetic dynamic created by emotional and mental patterns, the body’s BioEnergetic state, diet, and motion.


Shadia Habib’s approach takes the client on a journey of self discovery leading to a state of expanded awareness and self empowerment to heal oneself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

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EFT and Hypnoses


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Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese herbal medicine. Hours by appointment-Days Evenings and Weekends.

Treatments for disorders including Low back, neck, foot and Knee pain, headaches, Sports Injuries, Gynecological and digestive problems.

It has been said that 90% of ones healing progress is based on lifestyle and dietary changes. I work closely with my clients to achieve these goals. The reduction of physical and emotional stress is of the utmost importance. I invite my clients to discuss any concern or worries that may be adversely affecting their health and well being.

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Clinique Hydro-Santé

Hydrotherapy also called colonic irrigation is a natural method for cleansing and hydrating the large intestine (colon, bowel) using highly filtered water.
Additives and water temperatures increase results.
Dietary recommendations are suggested based on a comprehensive consultation prior to treatment and colonic determinations.

Indications for colonic irrigation:
→prevention                                             →colitis, IBS
→abdominal gas, bloating                        →headaches, fatigue, insomnia
→PMS, menstrual cramps                         →dermatological issues
→reflux, bad breath, body odor               →back pain, sciatic pain
→edema, weight issues                           →dieting, detox, fast

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The office has a high success rate with: spinal problems (neck pain, back pain, poor posture, herniated disc, arthritis, canal stenosis, scoliosis), extremity problems (sciatica, numbness, tingling, carpal tunnel, shoulder, arm, hand, hip, leg, foot conditions), neurological complaints (headache, migraine, vertigo/dizziness), women’s issues (painful periods, pregnancy pains, comfortable delivery), children’s issues (ear infections/otitis, colics, asthma), plus jaw problems (TMJ), sinus problems, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and casting for custom-made foot orthotics. Patient comfort and efficient results are the priority. Dr. Freud is trained in 14 chiropractic and massage techniques, he has a post-doctorate degree in Chiropractic Neurology (UQTR), and he teaches Gross Anatomy for McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine.


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Theurapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Master

Whether it be for relaxation, prevention or for your specific therapeutic needs, Massage Therapy can provide a source of relief and a greater sense of well being.  If your energy is depleted or you are feeling out of balance, ancient modalities and deep relaxation may offer an alternative approach to dealing with life's stress and fatigue.  


Certified in Cayce-Reilly massage technique, Jo-Anne incorporates AIS (assisted isolated stretching) and Trigger-Point Therapy into the therapeutic massage sessions.  She is a certified Foot and Hand Reflexologist and as a Reiki Master, she integrates the mind-body-spirit approach into these sessions.  


Past President and Chair of the Board of Directors at Natural Health Consultant Institute (NHC) Jo-Anne is a member in good standing with Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec (ANPQ), Regroupement des Massothérapeutes du Québec (RMQ) and the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC).

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F.M. Alexander Technique - Presence, balance and coordination in movement

Changing habits in the body All dimensions of being are engaged in each of our daily activities. In constant interrelation, the physical, the mental and the emotions seek a balance often affected by the force of our habits.

By paying attention to self-use, the Alexander Technique allows:

To become aware of our habits;
To stop the usual involuntary movement of various tensions;
To choose a new way of being in action.
An experience to live The Alexander Technique is mainly taught in individual lessons. The teacher intervenes with the student by manual and oral instructions. Simple movements are first proposed and then the teacher adapts his teaching based on the needs inherent to the specific activities of the student.

Training and Accreditation A three-year, 1600-hour training program recognized in Canada by CANSTAT (The Canadian Association of Alexander Technique Teachers) is an accredited professor in Alexander Technique. (

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My name is Lucinda Lamontagne and my background is in science and in education. I have been a practicing member of Le Syndicat Professionnel des Homéopathes du Québec.

(SPHQ) since 1990. This is the Only recognized and policed body of homeopaths in Quebec.

Homeopathy is a complete healing science that addresses both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) disorders.

Homeopathy treats emotional, physical and psychological disorders. Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic as they come from natural sources of plants, animals, and minerals.

Homeopathy is no a "New Age" therapy as some people would think, but in fact, it has existed for over 200 years. A German physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy in the 1800s.

Homeopathy is a method of treating the whole person rather than a particular symptom and therefore it addresses the origin of the sickness. A typical consultation lasts approximately 1 ½ hours.

What the homeopathic remedies do is arouse a person's immune system to overcome sickness and restore health. Therefore in contrast to allopathic medicine (traditional medicine), homeopathic treatment does not suppress symptoms.


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Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6:30pm, by appointment

Acupuncturist Lijun Luan holds a M.D. diploma in western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in China. She is a registered acupuncturist in Quebec. Her knowledge between western and traditional Chinese medicine gives her a unique vision when applying traditional acupuncture therapy to her patients. She works in the following areas:


·  Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

·  Bell’s Palsy and facial paralysis

·  Acupuncture for Weight Loss.

·  Parkinson's Disease

·  Chemotherapy & radiation side effects

·  Smoking Cessation

·  Baby Massage.

·  Ear Acupoint Bean Pressing

·  Chinese Cupping, Cupping Jar

·  Back Pain & Nerve Pain

·  Erectile Dysfunction

·  Infertility

·  Difficulty Sleeping and Insomnia.

·  Stress Relief and Relaxation.

·  Sciatica



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Professional Coach-Hypnotherapist

Parkinson en movement (PEM) dance & movement classes began in September of 2007 and have become an important part of programs offered for people living with Parkinson’s in Montreal. To move, dance and work with principles of alignment and of LSVT BIG in a safe space support confidence, strength and the experience of pleasure.

Joanabbey Sack is a dance movement therapist, drama therapist and dance teacher with extensive training in the social sciences, Laban Movement Analysis, theatre arts, dance and music.  She teaches at Concordia University in the Department of Creative Arts Therapies and is a Dance Therapist at the Centre for the Arts in Human Development. Joanabbey also has a private practice at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex. She founded the Parkinson’s Dance Project with Sarah Humphrey in 2007 and has continued to teach, collaborate and build on the initial project.

Joanabbey Sack with team teachers Maura Fisher PT, Tania Lazuk PhD R-DMT; Laurie Potter MA and teachers in training

For information:   Joanabbey Sack QEHC suite 347  parkinsonenmouvement/Facebook

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Mary is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Colour and Sound Therapist, Phytothérapeute, Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist, Masseur, Creative Therapist, Intuitive Radionician, Cell Memory Therapist, and Psychotherapist. She teaches courses and training programmes internationally, and is the Principal of Intuitive Radionics, the only Colour school in Eastern North America recognized by the International Association of Colour.

Services Offered: Naturopathy, Phytotherapy, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Massage, Creative Self Expression, Energy Work, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Psychotherapy, Cell Memory Integration, Intuitive Radionics.

Courses and Diplomas taught: Naturopathy, Intuitive Radionics, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Cell Memory Therapy, Development of the Higher Senses, Massage, Aromatherapy, Pathology & Nutrition, Magnetism, Radiation. Courses and Programmes are certified by the National Association of Naturopaths. Reflexology course is certified by the Reflexology Association of Canada, and Colour courses, Certification and Diplomas are recognized by the International Association of Colour.

Discounts Available: Students and Golden Age 30% discount

Martine Veilleux est une praticienne en Gymnastique Émotionnelle et Éducatrice somatique (diplômée en études supérieures de l'éducation somatique à l'UQAM).


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The Hypnos Centre specializes in HypnoBirthing and in short therapies like hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and some human relations techniques. On weekends, we train therapists in all the methods in which we are proficient.

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Member of the l'O.A.Q.;  c.p.m.d.q. and A.M.P.Q.  Also private insurances;CSST;SAAQ

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