Faubert, Pierre E.


Office Hours: By appointment




(514) 999-3900



- member of the Order of Psychologists
- perfectly bilingual in English and in French. I can detect the subtle nuances in both languages thus am better able to "get the feel of what's going on".
- Experience in psycho-legal problematic.
- Professor of philosophy and ethics at the secondary and university levels.
- Receive individuals, couples and families.
- Of Jungian inspiration, I am interested in helping individuals become aware of, and understand more vividly how the unconscious influences their emotional as well as their decision-making processes thus affecting themselves and their loved ones.
- Help parents better understand their children's difficulties: familial, social and/or academic.
- Accompany those who are seeking meaning and who are paralyzed by anxiety and/or stress or various phobias.
- Assist in career orientation or reorientation.
- Academic counselling for students and adults.
- Assist those experiencing work related problems such as employer - employee conflicts as well as peer employee conflicts in the workplace.
- Help those suffering from irrational fears, guilt, shame, poor self-esteem and those who no longer believe in themselves.
- Help those who have decided to be happy and enjoy life.