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F.M. Alexander Technique - Presence, balance and coordination in movement

Changing habits in the body All dimensions of being are engaged in each of our daily activities. In constant interrelation, the physical, the mental and the emotions seek a balance often affected by the force of our habits.

By paying attention to self-use, the Alexander Technique allows:

To become aware of our habits;
To stop the usual involuntary movement of various tensions;
To choose a new way of being in action.
An experience to live The Alexander Technique is mainly taught in individual lessons. The teacher intervenes with the student by manual and oral instructions. Simple movements are first proposed and then the teacher adapts his teaching based on the needs inherent to the specific activities of the student.

Training and Accreditation A three-year, 1600-hour training program recognized in Canada by CANSTAT (The Canadian Association of Alexander Technique Teachers) is an accredited professor in Alexander Technique. (