QEHC announcement regarding ultrasounds

January 20, 2017

The Government has decided that, as of December 29, 2016, ultrasound exams in private imaging clinics will be covered by RAMQ.

As no agreement has yet been reached on fees associated with ultrasound and administrative costs, QEHC radiologists have recently decided to collaborate with the Association of Radiologists of Québec in waiting for an agreement to be signed with all private radiology clinics before resuming ultrasound examinations.

As such, ultrasound exams which have already been booked at the QEHC will be honoured , however the QEHC will no longer be able to schedule ultrasound examinations until the fees are established.

Please note, however, that as the QEHC is an Accredited Breast Cancer Detection Center, appointments for breast ultrasounds will continue to be scheduled, to accommodate patients who require follow-ups to their mammograms.