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Open January 1st

Our Urgent Care Clinic (walk-in)  and our Imaging Department  (x-ray) will be open on January 1st, January 2nd and January 3rd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm . We wish you a happy and healthy 2016! Most other services are closed. Please contact your health care provider directly if you are uncertain.  

Update on ultrasound

Ultrasounds are extremely innovative in the field of technology. They have been used to advance many medical fields as well as other forms of technology not even related to the medical field. For example, in the field of airlines, ultrasounds have been used to improve detection technology to help identify required repairs and fatigue cracks […]

Ultrasound in medicine

Ultrasound is sound waves with frequencies too high for humans to hear.  What many of us don’t consider is that there are a host of medical functions that an ultrasound can perform.  Departments throughout the healthcare system find their own uses for the technology: cardiology uses ultrasounds to monitor the flow of blood and movement […]


Many of us associate x-rays with one of three things: broken bones, baggage inspections and visits with the dentist. It’s true that those are common applications for x-rays, but the reality is that there are many other uses. In the health care field alone, there are dozens of applications for an x-ray. We have patients […]

Digital mammography

Mammography is a very important procedure for women aged 50 and over in the detection of breast cancer. Although a norm in today’s medical practice, mammography has not been available for too long. Sometime in the 1950s, a man named Robert Egan created mammography screening by combining different techniques that were in use at the […]