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X-rays and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that can slowly creep up on us. Susan Schwartz of the Montreal Gazette recently wrote about her diagnosis of osteoarthritis in both knees. She wrote about the notion of taking so many things for granted, things as simple as walking without pain. The newfound and consistent discomfort made her appreciate […]

X-rays permit a speedy recovery

We tend to associate the use of x-rays most commonly with the identification of broken bones and similar issues. The fact that there is a multitude of medical uses for x-ray technology has led to some interesting, shocking and very important discoveries when it came to the diagnosis and treatment of people’s ailments. Recently, a […]

How many years for mammos?

The utility and necessity of mammography has never come into question for women starting in and around the age of 50. Women have become quite accustomed to mammograms becoming a regular part of their lives starting anywhere between the ages of 40 and 50. The question that is now being asked: how long do mammograms […]

About X-rays

Patients that come to our Complex appreciate the convenience and immediate availability of our x-ray services. A common reality for many people in Montreal is wait times for less urgent x-rays. The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex prides itself on alleviating some of the pressure on the neighbouring hospitals; effectively allowing them to focus their attention […]

Under the Tuscan Sun 2016

This year there is a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding the 13th edition of the Queen Elizabeth Heath Complex (QEHC) annual fundraiser Under the Tuscan Sun.  The Queen Elizabeth Health Complex is celebrating a milestone: its 20th anniversary AND our close and dear friend is being honored: Anthony Fargnoli. Over the last 20 years Tony has been a […]